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If you're looking to learn more about how to use all the Moz Tools, you're in the right place! The Help Hub is a great resource for ideas about common workflows, troubleshooting tips, and guides on how to get the most out of our tools.

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Moz Pro Rankings

With Moz Pro Rankings you can track your site's organic search results, SERP Features and search visibility to see how you're performing over time.

Add Keywords

Track Competitors' Rankings

Search Visibility

Add Keyword Labels

Track Local Keywords

Your Moz Account

Manage your account settings and renewal options through your account. You can cancel renewal, give shared access to colleagues and manage your billing preferences.

Activate Your Account

Sharing User Access

Cancel Moz Pro Base Plan

Cancel Moz Local

Delete Your Moz Account

Competitive Research

Moz's Competitive Research tools can help you and your team identify who your competitors are along with where there may be gaps in your keyword rankings and research.

Competitive Research

True Competitor Overview

Keyword Gap Overview

Keyword Research

Keyword Explorer helps you perform research, see your ranking keywords, and organize your keywords into Keyword Lists.

Keyword Explorer Overview

Ranking Keywords

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Lists Overview

Monthly Volume

Link Research

Link Explorer helps you analyze your backlink profile, find link prospects, and track your progress with Link Tracking Lists.

Link Explorer Overview

Spam Score

Investigating Spam Score

Link Intersect

Moz Isn’t Finding Your Links

Additional Research Tools

Moz Research Tools help to supplement your Campaign data with additional data and research.

On-Page Grader Overview

Rank Checker Overview

On-Demand Crawl Overview

MozBar Overview

Domain Authority Checker Overview


Learn more about the Moz crawlers, terms and phrases used throughout the tools, and how we index the web.

How We Index The Web



Local Glossary

Pro Glossary

Links API

Build your own applications with the integrated power of Moz Links data. Run bulk queries for link-metrics, url-metrics and more.

Links API

Overview & Authentication for Links API V2

Get a Key

URL Metrics



MozBar is a free Chrome extension that you can use to explore backlink and authority metrics as you travel around the web. You can even check how well-optimized a page is from right within the tool.

Troubleshooting MozBar

MozBar Overview

Page Optimization With MozBar

Moz Academy

Moz Academy offers a variety of training courses to help you build your SEO knowledge.

Accessing Moz Academy

SEO Certifications

Moz Academy Billing Issues

Troubleshooting Moz Academy Access

Troubleshooting Course Access

Need More Help?

The Moz Help Team is here to assist with any product-related questions you have. Find out more about the information they need to help.

Contacting the Moz Help Team

Moz Pro Help

Moz Local Help

Moz Billing Help

Where to Find SEO Help

Tutorials & Courses

Moz offers multiple resources for those wanting deeper dives into the tools and how to use them in their workflows.

Tutorials & Courses

Moz Academy

SEO Training