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Moz Local is an automated listing management tool with active and continuous syncing of location data to our partner directories. The primary purpose of Moz Local is to positively affect your visibility on Google by enabling you to publish location data and maintain its consistency in bulk. Rather than managing your citations one by one on each major platform, you can establish one source of truth for your information in Moz, and sync that data with our entire partner network automatically.

To get started enter your full business name, street name and number, and postal code for your business into the Check Presence tool. Moz Local currently supports checking locations in the US, UK, and Canada.

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Introduction to Moz Local

Common Customer Queries

  • Moz Local is an automated listing management tool, with active and continuous syncing of location data to our partners. The primary purpose of Moz Local is to positively affect your visibility on search engines by making it easy for you to publish consistent location data. Rather than managing your citations, one-by-one on each major platform, you can establish one source of truth for your information in Moz, which is then pushed out to our entire partner network automatically.
  • Local businesses located in the US, Canada, and UK.
  • No, Moz Local and Moz Pro are separate tools and require separate subscriptions.
  • Moz Local subscriptions are charged annually per business location. If you have a business with three business locations, you would need to purchase three Moz Local Locations. You can view and compare plans on our pricing page.
  • Yes! You can choose to hide your address with Moz Local however this will impact the directories we are able to push your data to. For more information, please see our page about service area businesses (SABs) and Moz Local.
  • The directories we push your data to depends on where your business is located and the plan level you have purchased. We have a full list of supported directories for each plan level in our directories guide.
  • After initial purchase, a location will go through various steps prior to being published with directories. For new locations, please allow around 4 weeks for location data to process. For locations which you have updated, please allow around 2-3 weeks for those to process with directories. You can read more about the publishing process here.
  • Great question! We have a guide all about data cleansing, what it is, and what triggers it that can help to answer this.
  • We have a full list of the available categories for Moz Local in our categories guide.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting Google and/or Facebook, there are some steps you can take to make sure everything is working as it should. Please see our troubleshooting guides for connecting Google Business Profile and connecting Facebook for more information.
  • Moz Local subscriptions renew annually. You can stop renewal from your location Profile tab.
  • If you have more than 10 locations your locations will be checked via a data cleansing process. Auto-sync will not be set up automatically, this is to allow you to fill out your location details as completely as possible before pushing this information to our data partners. You can sync locations from your Locations page. Use the checkbox to select the locations you'd like to sync, then click the START SYNC button in the upper right.
  • To sync your locations is to submit your location data to publishers to update on their end. When auto-sync is enabled, updates made to your location profile in Moz are automatically submitted to publishers within 30 minutes of saving your changes. If you opt to disable auto-sync for your location(s) the sync button must be clicked in order for changes to be submitted. When auto-sync is disabled, you will see the option to Sync Now or Start Sync after saving your profile updates, which will allow you to manually submit your profile changes to the directories we work with. Learn more about updating your Location Profile.
  • Yes! Moz Local offers review monitoring, review management, and social posting. Access to these features is dependent on your subscription level. For more information, please visit our Customer Feedback and Publish pages.
  • Yes! Moz Local offers social posting though the Publish feature.
  • All Moz Local locations are set to auto-renew by default. If you purchased your Moz Local subscription during a limited time promotion it will renew at the standard price noted on the Moz Local pricing page. If you have questions regarding your subscription and/or the renewal price, please email the Help Team at