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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The locales we include are specific to the Google search engine only. Our list is based on a finite postal code database.
  • We recommend tracking keywords either nationally (through your Campaign Settings) or a city level. The reasoning behind this is that when people search for a keyword, they generally want results that are relevant to their location. For example, if a searcher lives in San Francisco and searches for pizza, they most likely don’t want to see pizza places from Los Angeles in the results. If you’d like to track keywords by state, you may want to try entering the keywords in as something like “pizza in California.”
  • We currently only support local keyword rankings for Google. If you’d like to see rankings data for Bing and Yahoo, you will need to add your keywords to track on a national level.
  • Within Moz Pro you can track rankings for Google, Google Mobile, Bing, and Yahoo. Please note that local keyword tracking (by city or zip code) is only available for Google & Google Mobile.
  • Within Moz Pro you can track on a country level, by city, or by postal code. For more information please below.

What's Covered?

In this guide you’ll learn how to add locally tracked keywords to your Moz Pro Campaign along with tips and tricks for tracking that data. If you need to update, change, or remove tracked search engines for your Campaign, please see our Campaign Settings guide.

Quick Links

Track Keywords Locally In Moz Pro

Add Local Keywords

To add local keywords in your Moz Pro Campaign follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Rankings section in your Moz Pro Campaign
  2. Scroll down to the Tracked Keywords Overview
  3. Select keywords using the checkbox on the left
  4. Click Add Locations
  5. Type a location, like Seattle into the field under Locations
  6. Select the closest matching location from the drop-down
  7. Select multiple locations if you wish
  8. When you're done, select Add Keywords

You can add new local keywords to your Moz Pro Campaign at any point and we'll start gathering ranking data after your next weekly Campaign update. Locally tracked keywords count as a separate keyword against your total keyword limit.

Select keywords you'd like to track for additional locations using the checkboxes on the left and then click add locations.
Type in the locations you'd like to add and them click add keywords.
The number of keywords you're adding will be noted along with how many keywords are left in your subscription limits.

Why Track Local Keyword Rankings?

Tracking your keyword rankings on a local level gives you insight into how you're ranking for your target keywords in specific regions and cities.

This is especially handy if your client or site serves certain cities or areas, and perhaps doesn't compete nationally in your industry. If you find you aren't ranking well nationally, it may be worth exploring local SERP performance by adding more specific location tracking to your Moz Pro Tracked Keywords.

Tips For Adding Locally Tracked Keywords

The locales we include are specific to the Google search engine only. Our list is based on a finite postal code database. Because of this, you may not see every locale you would like to track in the list. It is helpful to be very specific when entering the locale, and it can help to also include a neighborhood, state, or county name when entering the locale.


Australian city: Melbourne, Victoria vs. Melbourne, Australia

US postal code: 98101

US location: Seattle, Washington, United States

UK location: Camden Town, Greater London

Tracking Keywords Across Multiple Countries

If you’re looking to track rankings for multiple countries, we recommend setting up your Campaign to track national search engines for each country you’re wanting to collect data for.

You can update the search engines you’re tracking within your Campaign at any time by heading to the Rankings section of your Campaign Settings.

Moz Pro Campaign Settings where you can updated your search engine settings. Use the drop-downs provided to change the search engines you're tracking in your Campaign.

It is recommended that location tracking options only be used within the Rankings section to specify state, city, or zip to see local rankings.

For example, we do not recommend adding locally tracked keywords for the location of Canada. Instead, add Google en-CA as a Search Engine and then track keywords on a national level. You can then add locally tracked keywords for Canada on a city level such as Victoria, BC.

For best results, track keywords by city or zip or on a national level. For country level rankings, add that country's search engine as a tracked engine in your Campaign.

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